When you generate a sale for your products and services, your job doesn’t end there. You have to use your customer services and after-sales services to get user feedback and suggestions to keep them satisfied. Many brands oversee this aspect of the product cycle and do not adhere to basic customer service options on their website, social media platforms, and emails. This frustrates many clients and customers and they do not return back when you have another product to sell. Also, they don’t like to refer to the brand to other people in their circle.

Many renowned brands in the industry make sure that they stay connected with their customers. This is why they invest a lot of money in different social media tools, their websites, and people who can help the brand have exceptional customer service. To become better at customer services you can follow different blogs and practices by experts on the internet. You can use Ziply Fiber Internet which can help you connect to the internet at a very affordable rate. Let’s get you acquainted with things that can spoil your customer relationship and eventually your market share as well.

Using the “no-reply” Email

You must be getting these emails a lot. Using the “no-reply” email, you give out a negative impression as sometimes it gives out an impression that “we don’t want to hear from you” in the beginning. It also seems like a forced one-way communication, as the company is not in a position to listen to you. Make sure that you try not to use these email formats.

Hiding Your Customer Support Email

Many brands hide their customer support email and ask users to go through different complicated forms. This is not a wise move as sometimes customers want a solution or get one of their queries answered and get a rapid solution. Using a direct email is also an easier way to communicate with your audience. This gets your customers a slight that the brand encourages their customers to give out feedback and get in touch with the brand in case of a complaint or suggestions

Not Responding to Customers on Weekends or at Night

Your customers can come across a difficult situation at any point in time or they can lose access to their products and service. If they do not get in touch with a representative on time, this is going to add more to their frustration. This is one of the mistakes that not only adds more to your customer’s trouble. It also creates a bad image of your brand.

Hiding Customer Support Details

Many bigger brands do not seem to believe in customer service and this is something very strange to think about. In the current era where many brands depend on customer feedback to create better quality products, doing so is not ethical. Many brands hide their customer’s support services as they want to carry customer support services on their terms.

Use Case-Specific Customer Support Emails

One of the frustrating things to do is to make your customer’s life difficult by not directly providing them with a contact or email address and beating about the bush. This happens in a lot of instances where brands expect clients to fill in complicated forms and in case the query does not get resolved they ask them to contact them via email.

Where there are some bad practices for customer services, here are a few solutions that you can offer too:

You Can Keep Customer Services For Free

For many people who might not be able to contact you because of not having enough data or phone credits, providing a free hotline can be a good idea. Using this hotline, anybody can contact you to get their queries, complaints, and suggestions resolved easily.

Outsourcing Customer Support

Many brands do not handle their customer service on their own. This is mainly because answering queries, customer feedback, and handling other customer complaints is not possible due to budget and time constraints. Many renowned brands use resources that are present somewhere in another part of the world. This helps them cut the cost and stay active during odd times as well.

Also, this is one of the best practices for people to get employed, especially for students who are studying in a country like the USA, UK or any other country. On a different level, it adds more to the goodwill of the brand when they employ people

Make Your Customer Services Happy and Exceed Their Expectations

You can do so by surprising your customers by doing more than just resolving their problems and queries. This will remarkably help you when they will be more delighted with your brand because of the way you go the extra mile for them. One of the things that you can do is recognize customers on special events and occasions. You can work on different promotional activities that make your customers feel valued.

You Can Make Customer Service Easy and Effortless

You can follow your customer’s journey that starts from your customer’s willingness to find and buy your products and services to complete the billing process and after-sales support. All in all, you can look for ways to streamline customer service processes at all levels

You should look at making your business and products searchable, the number of ways customers can contact you, eliminating barriers that lead to time delays in responding to customers, and so on. Many businesses around the world clearly explain the whereabouts of their products and services, eliminate any defects that reach them as customer complaints, and take other substantial attempts to satisfy customers.

Customer feedback is one of the ways you can use the Employee Recognition Scheme. This is how one can recognize and go the extra mile for their customers. They also help customers understand that their feedback is helping the brand to deliver exceptional services. Recognition in this way shows employees are more likely to ‘go the extra mile for their customers. They also help customers understand that their feedback is helping the brand to deliver exceptional services. Recognition in this way means employees are more likely to ‘go the extra mile for their customers. They also know their efforts get noticed in this way by their employer.


In the end, one can say that the less effort your customers have to make to find your products or access customer services, the more loyal your customers be. You should also try to look for better ways to interact with your customers so that your customers find contacting you less frustrating. This can include using social media platforms, live chat options, and even AI that make your customer experience better.

Also, customer service queries and other information can help you improve your products and service. Based on this information you can identify the grey areas where you can make improvements and provide better services.

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