If you are looking for an FTP server that has all kinds of facilities, then Naturalbd FTP server might be a good option. Apart from hosting IPTV and live TV channels, Naturalbd offers other services as well. Listed below are the benefits of using this FTP server. Read on to discover all its advantages. Also, get to know more about its piracy issues. Here’s a review of Naturalbd FTP server.

The NaturalBD FTP server has the highest download and upload speed of any server in Bangladesh. This server is owned by different ISP providers in the country and has IP addresses like Using this server means that you will be able to watch a lot of content, from movies and TV shows to music and more. The NaturalBD FTP server also has an Android application for android users. It is also one of the oldest ftp movie servers in Bangladesh.

Naturalbd FTP server is a popular ISP in Bangladesh. This server is popular for fast downloads. Another popular server is the timepassbd FTP server, hosted by Skyview online ltd. Timepassbd has a live iptv service that you can enjoy while you’re downloading videos. Carnival ftp server is also a good choice. And remember that the Naturalbd server is a free service!

In addition to its low price, Naturalbd FTP server provides a variety of benefits for the user. It is regularly updated, enables downloads, and has a great feature for client requests. This server can be accessed through the IP address of the Naturalbd website. Besides being popular for live TV streaming, it also allows you to download various programs and games. And BDIX also allows you to watch live TV shows, i.e. BDIX channels.

Besides being a reliable FTP server, Naturalbd is also easy to use. All you need is a Windows 10 PC, Internet browser, FTP server credentials, and an administrator password. This password should be case-sensitive, so make sure you have set a strong password! Then, click the next button. The next step in setting up an FTP server is to add basic authentication to protect sensitive data. Click the Next button to complete the installation process.

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