Truoba House Designs specializes in contemporary living with stylish twists and is based in the heart of Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to be one of the first architectural firms in the country to offer design services for clients who wish to build their own homes from scratch without building costs and also those that would like to renovate or extend their existing homes with more contemporary designs and better functionality. As an independent firm, we have no restrictions from local council planners and can therefore design homes that are truly unique and reflect each client’s style and personality.

The modern home design company everyone’s talking about

Located in the heart of Truoba, House Plans by Truoba Architects provides you and your family with modern house designs that are built to last. With their variety of floor plans, you’re sure to find the perfect layout for your new home. And no matter what kind of modern home design you want, their team is ready to help you customize your dream home!

Why are their designs so popular?

One of the reasons their designs are so popular is that they offer house plans that are custom designed for your lifestyle and budget. They have over 100 house plans to choose from with different floor plans, styles, and prices. The Truoba architects specialize in modern homes but also offer traditional homes and everything in between. One great thing about their approach is that they take care to ensure that your home will be designed for the lifestyle you want to live, whether it’s close to work or close to nature; you’ll have plenty of options for where you want your home situated on the property.  Once the house plan is selected, it’s easy enough to customize it further. There are many features like exterior finishes, landscaping, and elevation changes that can be adjusted until you’re satisfied.

What makes their homes so special

From the outside, these homes have an elegant and modern façade. However, this is just the first hint of what’s to come. As you enter Truoba houses, you will find beautiful open spaces that evoke feelings of warmth and intimacy. House Plans by Truoba Architects are designed with your comfort in mind, from spacious kitchens to plenty of storage space for those things that we all need but can never seem to find. All Truoba house floor plans come with their own unique style. If you want a home that is traditional yet not stuffy or one that reflects your city lifestyle, then Truoba has the perfect plan for you.

A closer look at some of their most popular designs

  1. Truoba house floor plans, House Plans by Truoba Architects: The clever design of the Truoba house is the perfect example of how architecture can bring people together and create lasting memories. With open-concept living and spacious rooms, it’s no wonder this home has become one of our best sellers.
  2. The Fernwood by Truoba House Designs: This elegant home features an open-concept kitchen and dining room that make entertaining stress free. Offering more than 4000 square feet of space, this is the perfect place for your growing family to come together to share in laughter and love.

How to get in touch with them

By exploring their website, you can find out more about Truoba home designs, House Plans by Truoba Architects, and their modern floor plans. This company’s emphasis is on making the home both architecturally beautiful and livable by paying attention to every detail of the architecture. The pages will show you homes in various settings and offer details like exterior finishes and interior spaces. You’ll find some great ideas for your next dream home. For those who prefer an ultra-modern look without all the fuss of having it custom-built, House Plans by Truoba Architects offers ready-to-build floor plans that are available for purchase or even for rent.


Founded in 1986, Truoba House Designs is an innovative architectural company that’s been redefining what it means to live comfortably for three decades. The concept for the company was birthed when Howard Porter and Doug Hansen met on their first day of school at UT Austin. Both men were from Houston and had grown up doing design work as part of their high school curriculums. Despite being long-time rivals on the football field, Howard and Doug built a friendship through creativity and eventually founded the design firm Truoba Home Designs. After years of working side by side, both Douglas and Howard gained invaluable experience, which has shaped them into brilliant designers who carry many notable accolades in residential design.

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