There are various fat-nutrients found in foods. The essential ones can’t be produced by the body, but they’re essential for building cells, including the ones in the nervous system and brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are found primarily in oily fish, but some pulses and seeds also contain them. In addition, dietary cholesterol can be a problem if too much saturated fat is consumed, and trans fats should be avoided as well.

Nuts and seeds are a snacker’s paradise. Rich in good-for-you fat and plant-based protein, nuts can be consumed by the handful, or incorporated into trail mix or yogurt. Sesame seeds, which contain almost 23 percent of your daily iron requirement per ounce, are a nutritious addition to stir-fries and salads. They’re also great sources of dietary fibre. The list below gives you an overview of common food sources and their nutritional content.

Lentils can help you get enough iron. Lentils are rich in protein, folate, and fiber and have been proven to reduce cholesterol and improve energy levels. Best of all, lentils are easy to add to your daily salad. That’s why they’re an excellent source of iron. A simple way to add lentils to your salad is to cook them. That way, you can get enough iron without sacrificing flavor! You’ll get the best of both worlds – iron-rich food that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Getting enough iron is very important, especially for women. Iron is essential for the immune system, and a deficiency can make you vulnerable to infections. Anaemia, which is a severe form of iron deficiency, is a condition that can cause serious problems, including heart palpitations, itchy skin, and mouth sores. Iron-rich foods include red meat and offal, and other animal protein sources such as nuts and chia seeds.

Moreover, there are many fortified foods that are packed with iron. All bread sold in the UK has to be fortified. It has to contain a certain percentage of iron (14mg) per 100g. Soybeans, for example, have more iron than a cup of meat, but duck is better for you. And if you can’t tolerate other sources of iron, you can always opt for blackstrap molasses.

Another way to get your daily dose of iron is to add a few servings of brown rice to your meals. Tofu and beans are two excellent vegetarian sources of iron. While plant-based food doesn’t contain heme iron like meat, it’s easy to get enough of it if you include enough vitamin C. Cream of wheat, oat cereal, and bran cereal are also good choices for getting your daily dose of iron. You can also add sliced strawberries to your meals to boost your iron intake.

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