Tai faint HI88 is loved by a large number of players thanks to its simple rules and high payout ratio. However, not everyone fully understands how to play and the tips to conquer this game. If you are also in the above category, follow our article immediately to update all the information you need to know about gambling.

HI88 Poker – Basic instructions on how to play

To determine the outcome of a game of over and under, we will use 3 dice. At the beginning of a bet, the Hi88Club will put the dice in a wooden box and then shake them up. Next, all participants will have about 15-20 seconds to think and make a bet choice.

HI88 Poker – Basic instructions on how to play

A special feature of this game is that the house will provide gamers with many different doors. When hitting HI88, you can choose 1 or more doors depending on your personal strategy. After completing the deposit step, the dealer will open the box and announce the result of the bet.

Those who correctly predict the heads of 3 dice will win and receive extremely attractive bonuses. However, if you lose, we will lose all of our capital to the house. A new over/under bet will then be initiated with the same process.

Popular betting doors in the game of poker

As mentioned, HI88 will come with an extremely rich betting system. To better understand this exciting super product, let’s explore the rules of the game and the payout ratio of each door right below.

Over and under bets

This is the most basic type of betting and is also the most chosen by many players today. Accordingly, if you predict the total of 3 dice to fall between 4 – 10, you place the door faint. As for the case of determining this total from 11 to 17, go down to the front door. However, if the sum is 3 or 18, all players lose. The payout ratio of HI88 for this door is 1: 1.

HI88 Big Small How To Play And Useful Betting Tips1

Popular betting doors in the game of poker

Triple bet

This type of bet is divided into 2 types: identical triples and random triples. If you play the first type, you need to predict that a single number will appear on all 3 dice, the odds are 1: 180. With the second type, the player’s task is to choose 3 other numbers. each other will return in the final result, the payout when winning is 1: 30.

Doubles bets

Doubles bets are also divided into 2 types which are random pairs and even pairs. If playing HI88 under the first case, the player will predict 2/3 of the dice are 2 different numbers, the odds are 1: 11. With the second bet, if the selection hits a single number The most will return in 2/3 of the dice, you will receive the reward at the ratio 1: 20.

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Total bet

With this type of game, the bettor will correctly predict the sum of the 3 dice to be a specific number. In addition, the payout ratio will depend on which sum will appear when the dealer announces the result. For example, with a total of 4, the profit payout will usually be 1: 60, the sum of 5 is 1: 20,…

Number bets

Another popular way to play HI88 is to bet on numbers. Players will choose any number between 1 – 6 that will appear in the final result of the bet. The payout percentage will depend on how many times that number is displayed. Assuming you bet 1 and have 1 dice on 1 button, the reward will be 1: 1.

Revealing great tips from super players

To play over and under at HI88 to win big, you can’t just bet on emotions or hit by the majority. Instead, we should pocket some more tips from the master as follows:

HI88 Big Small How To Play And Useful Betting Tips2

Revealing great tips from super players

Absolutely not all in

All-in or all-in money for a game of HI88 is the first taboo that beginners should not commit. After all, this is still a game that depends largely on the luck of each player. So no matter how carefully you look or calculate, you can still lose and lose everything.

Set a win or loss limit

Before you start playing over and under, set a certain win and lose milestone. When we have reached the final limit, no matter what situation we are in, we should stop. Thanks to that, you will avoid getting caught up in the betting rounds and gradually losing yourself and wasting money.

Hi88 over and under bets on demand

Bridge is the relationship between the results of the previous games and the bets that will appear on plank after. Therefore, players need to observe the HI88’s statistics table very carefully and observantly recognize the signs of the running bridge. Some of the most common types of bridges today are:

  • Bridge: In 10 – 15 consecutive games, only over or under.
  • Bridge 1 – 1: The over and under results alternate in about 10 games.
  • 2-span bridge: The result is in the form of over – over – faint – faint in 7-10 games.

Hopefully through the above article, players have grasped the betting rules HI88 talent most detailed and complete. I wish you success in experiencing this subject and bringing in the expected profits.

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