Compromises are a no go regarding security, which is why we suggest using Kucoin’s platform, where you can trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and KCS. Kucoin offers its users the best security to ensure their assets and accounts remain completely safe. Kucoin does this by using the latest technology in its security systems and properly using a very talented security team. Kucoin’s security also employs the use of biometric authentication. Let us talk more about Kucoin’s biometric authentication in this article.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication refers to the user’s identification via unique biological factors such as smart face identification, voice scan, eye scan, or fingerprint identification. Kucoin uses fingerprint identification for its users. To use biometric authentication, you need first to set it up. Users can set up biometric authentication in the settings of the app.

Why Is Biometric Authentication Important?

Biometric authentication is very important for the safety of users. Access to a user’s account is highly unlikely for an average person, but they can still guess the password and gain access. On the other hand, a hacker might target a user for their assets and, by illegal means, may gain access to their account. These acts put the user’s safety at risk. Luckily, biometric authentication prevents such acts by ensuring biological identification such as fingerprints and smart face identifications. By using biometric authentication, you can prevent any acts of hacking and someone guessing your password. 

On the side of the platform, it is essential to safeguard users’ assets and their accounts, so Kucoin must employ all the methods it can to strengthen the security of its platform.

What Happens Without Biometric Identification?

Without Kucoin’s biometric identification, a user’s account is vulnerable to attacks, and their assets are at risk of being stolen by hackers and ill-willed people.

Does Biometric Identification Sell My Data?

No, Kucoin’s biometric identification does not sell your data, whether fingerprint or not. However, it stores that data so that you can gain access to your account in the future. Regardless, when using Kucoin’s biometric identification, there is no cause for stress.

Is Setting Up Biometric Identification Difficult?

Kucoin’s biometric identification is very easy to set up. 

How To Set Up Biometric Identification On Kucoin’s Mobile Phone App?

The user must open the mobile phone app, click the initials icon on the top left, and scroll down to settings. Now the user must scroll down to the bottom and click on Fingerprint Identification. If your phone has a fingerprint reader, you can use this feature. The user must set up the fingerprint identification for the first use.


Ultimately, Kucoin’s utmost priority is the safety of its users and their assets. Kucoin employs the latest technology for its security system to provide this security, which is used by its talented and hardened professional security personnel. On top of this, Kucoin encourages its users to use biometric identification to ensure further security.

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