You may have heard of Ria Barstool. She is a popular radio personality and podcaster. She co-hosts the pop culture podcast “Chicks in the Office” on Sirius XM. Her other media credits include appearing on Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe and The Viall Files. Ria Ciuffo was born on July 26, 1997. She is now 24 years old and of average height.

Ria was born in Texas, United States. She is of white caucasian ethnicity and practices the Christian religion. Her parents and grandparents are still unknown, but she has shared pictures of them on her Instagram account. She has one younger sister, Melissa Ciuffo. Her net worth is not disclosed. Ria has a net worth of $3 million, making her a successful entrepreneur. She has been featured in various TV shows including ABC News Nightline.

She is also famous on social media as the host of “Chicks in the Office” podcast show on Sirius XM. She is also an intern for the Barstool Sports brand. In addition, she co-hosts the Chicks in the Office podcast. Ria’s Instagram is full of pictures of cute co-workers. She is also very active on Twitter. Lastly, she is known to have a podcast called “Chicks in the Office” that is popular with fans.

Although Ria started dating Hank at the age of 19, they remained together until she was 24 years old. Their breakup didn’t sound bitter, but it could get complicated when she starts dating Marty. The two might get involved together at some point. Hopefully, Ria and Hank are no longer headed in different directions. They may soon be dating each other in the future. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

Maria Ciuffo, radio host and co-host of the popular pop culture show Chicks in the Office, makes between $30-35K a month. She is also well-known for her instagram page, earning a whopping 30k-35k per month. In addition to being a radio personality, Ria has also partnered with ESPN to launch a show called “Barstool Van Talk” on their channel. Unfortunately, the show was pulled after just one episode.

Despite the fact that Barstool sports is known for being politically neutral, they support rioters and fund domestic terrorism. Their employees, meanwhile, share out of context clips of cops defending themselves from rioters. One such example of domestic terrorism was the adoption of a young girl named Ellie, who was assaulted with a sword in a Dallas store. The Chicago rioters dragged a police officer through the streets.

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