The football world froze in anticipation of the World Cup, all other sporting events faded into the background. But the national championships of European countries continue: the break associated with the World Cup has not yet begun. Let’s step aside for a moment from discussing the chances of national teams and look at the current state of affairs in the Scottish Championship.

The Scottish Premier League is one of the ten strongest championships in Europe (9th place at the end of October). Bookmakers regularly include championship matches in their lines, offer a wide range and quite interesting odds. If you are still wondering which company to register with, we recommend MostBet uz. The bookmaker has a legal status in Uzbekistan. If you decide on skachat mobile application, then the link to download the software can be found directly on the main page of the company’s desktop site.

Light blue against the Celts

The Scottish Championship is similar to the Portuguese Championship in that there are two teams fighting for the championship: Celtic and Rangers. Since 1985, no one has been able to break the monopoly of the “light blue” and “Celts” on the championship title. And this season, the first place, obviously, will be played between these two clubs.

At the same time, we note the presence of a fierce struggle for the European Cup zone. Therefore, our article is devoted not only to the contenders for the title, but also to the analysis of teams that can qualify for the Champions League and the Champions League.

  • Celtic
  • Rangers
  • Hibernian
  • Aberdeen
  • St mirren


Due to problems with Rangers, Celtic have won 11 league titles in the last 12 seasons. But now the era of unconditional domination is over, you need to strain your strength to stay on top. The team got off to a great start, having won 10 wins in 11 rounds and rightfully tops the standings. In the Champions League for the “Celts” everything is over: they took the last place in the group ahead of schedule. Bookmakers predict the Celtic championship with a ratio of 1 to 2.2.


In 2012, the club effectively went bankrupt and was expelled from the Premier League. It took four years for the “light blues” to return to the elite. Three years later, the Rangers regained the championship title. This season, the team performed extremely unsuccessfully in the Champions League, finishing last in the group. In the national championship, the Rangers are second, yielding to their sworn enemies by 1 point with one extra game. With a high degree of probability, “light blue” will become champions: 1 to 2.7.


The season before last, Hibernian took third place in the championship, 39 points behind the champion: what kind of fight can we talk about here. Therefore, today we consider the “peacocks” as a contender for third place. It’s quite real. The team started well, although the backlog from the Rangers is already 9 points. Forecast: the probability of getting into European competition is 1 to 3.


The “Reds” have long claimed the role of “third force” in the championship, but now they are playing extremely unstable. After a successful season in European competition, the team barely escapes relegation. Aberdeen have been doing well this season, with the team stuck in fourth place, narrowly behind Hibernian and playing in the reserves. The probability of getting into European competitions is estimated with a coefficient of 1 to 3.2.

St mirren

“Saints” successfully started in the current championship. which came as a surprise to both rivals and club fans. The team with 19 points and a game in reserve is in fifth place and may even qualify for the podium. if. of course, St. Mirren will be able to go through the entire tournament distance smoothly and without disruption. Bookmakers estimate the probability of Saint Mirren getting into the top five with a coefficient of 1 to 4.

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